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Kitty Davis, LPA, LCAS

How long have you been counseling?

I have been licensed since 1999.

What are your licenses and certifications?

I carry two licenses–LPA (Licensed Psychological Associate) and LCAS (Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist)

What type of clients do you see most?

My Specialties are: Dual Diagnosis (Any combination of substance abuse and dependence in combination with a mental health issues – anxiety, depression, etc.) I work both with people who have those issues and with their family members. I Also work with concerns related to spirituality, purpose, grief and Relationship difficulties.

What are your areas of training? 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Spirituality

What days/hours do you work?

I work part time but my schedule is flexible. The only weekday that I do not work is Friday.

How long are your sessions?

My sessions typically last 55 minutes.

What is your fee?

I offer a private pay scale.

What Insurances do you take?

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medcost and Cigna. At your first visit with me, please show up about 15 minutes early and fill out one of my intake packets in the lobby, so that we can get right into session when your appointment starts. This will help us maximize the value of your first visit.

What drew you to counseling?

I returned to graduate school after my children began school.  I am endlessly fascinated by human behaviors and personal choices.   I believe that emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health often develop through a process of compassionate listening and objective problem solving.

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